Andrew Ramos – Daytona Beach, Florida

Yeah, so I once had to threaten this dude over hitting on my then 14-year-old niece. He’s 38.

He’s the leader of an improv comedy troupe called “Random Acts of Insanity” located in Daytona Beach and he’s been known to hit on teenage girls from the start. This dude usually goes for girls from ages 13-18 and picks them up from Seabreeze High School. He offers girls free positions in his “comedy troupe”, even if they can’t tell a joke in exchange for their lives. He lets younger girls join in exchange for sex, and his friends in the troupe openly enable it. He acts in a local film troupe called And You Films, which he runs as yet another tactic to pick up underage girls. Please, if you are currently Googling this man for career opportunities, know that he is a legit pedophile and preys on young girls. Do not support his film company, or his improv comedy troupe and expose him for the nasty little worm he is. His friends defend him.