Wesley Hamrick

So my story is a bit of a crazy one I met Wesley back when I was 18 got pregnant and had a kid with him he denied the kid well fast-forward 20 plus years he tried putting himself back in our life's and he talked me into coming to see him tells me he loves me he is going threw a divorce etc long story short after 7 trips to Arizona I found out he is a lier to top it all off his ex tells me all the abusive stuff he has done and that when he was 24 he slept with a 16 yr old and shot a man in front of a 3yr old he played on our grandson murdered he lied about his died dying  he works in Gilbert and uses his job and lies to them all the time Overlys is where he works as a mechanic he lives in Queen Creek he is 49 his phone number is  +16238104825 please help me expose this person his wife blames everyone but him