Tysjai ‘Ty’ Trevon Richardson – Daytona Beach, Florida

Tysjai ‘Ty’ Richardson is a 26 year old porn addict who spends his days on Twitter jacking off to anime porn under the usernames TaichouMars, CaptainMars, CaptainArms, GodKingOfMars, and inevitably other names to hide behind in the future. In 2015, at the age of 20, he began dating an underage boy who went by the fake tranny name “Alice”, real name unknown. He spent $2000 dollars to visit this kid and have sex with him. They broke up in 7 months when he left ‘her’ for another tranny he met on Twitter named Lloyd Thompson, 20 at the time, who went by the false name “Kat”.

Tysjai allowed Thompson to get a job at his workplace and they also did not even last a year until the breakup because Thompson found blatant evidence of cheating on his laptop in the form of pornographic videos between him and his married coworker, Erin Gerity/Corwin (look her up name or the username CronoMaiden online, all of her dirt is public as well).

Gerity was using him as a bull because she wanted to cheat on her sick husband, Keith ‘KJ” Corwin, who has Crohn’s Disease and could not sexually satisfy her. Gerity was later made into a widespread internet meme and mocked by 100k+ people online.

Obviously, his current “relationship” situation isn’t going to work out and her husband is beginning to snap, but his past needs to be made public before he hurts another man or woman EVER AGAIN.