Sprint-Nextel are a bunch of jerks. I was a Nextel direct employee long ago when they first started up. They would give us "NEW INCENTIVE PLANS" which were pay cuts . .. every month. The harder you worked the more they cut. If you worked on activations only to make quota then your complaints would go up and they would call you in the big office for that . . .and if you took care of your customer issues then they would call you in the office for not doing enough new numbers. The more customers you activate . . . the more system problems would be generated in your accounts and eventually reaching an unmanagable level. The early days of Nextel billing were a rerun of MCI. Average length of a Direct Sales Rep was just a few months. Customers hated that.

Then, I went on to be an Indirect Dealer for them. While they were Nextel only it was not too bad. Lots of billing screw ups that had to be handled and a fair amount of network issues and product failures but workable. Then came the Spring buyout and everything changed. Screwy commission programs, lots of unpaid activations, runarounds, product shortages. A real nightmare. The program became unworkable and the customer service issues became all too time consuming and I closed my business.

Nextel had the potential to be a key player in the US Communications market. It was a incredible product with a tremendous dedicated customer following. But Sprint had no idea what they were buying and simply thought they would consume it and switch all of the Blue Collar customers over to their wierd network. Didnt work out that way . . .

I cant believe that the Mark Sadighian guy is still around. He was there doing shaddy deals back in my time. He has that annoying East Coast nasal accent and wears those starched XL shirts and does the chimp arm hang with that little half pint frame to try to hide the fact that he is such a little man . . . . he used to annoy the hell out of me.

But Paul Harris was always a stand up kind of guy as I knew him. Through many companies . . .his word was always good and could be trusted. Either he is in now chained to the paycheck or that little whiny half pint . . Mark Sadighian guy . . is crapping on him . . . which I would believe more.

Good luck with your lawsuit and keep me posted. I hope you can win some of the money back that they have ripped off from the Indirect Dealer network as well as from their own Sales force.

What a soon to be sad ending to what started off as such a great product and network concept.