Officer accused of exposing himself at Lenox Square

An Atlanta police officer is accused of exposing himself in front of a Lenox Square mall security guard’s son in a mall restroom.

The officer walked into the stall where the victim was sitting, pulled down his pants and started touching himself, according to an Atlanta police incident report. The victim jumped up, and the suspect ran out of the restroom.

The victim followed the suspect into the parking lot and called his mother, who works in mall security, and she alerted the on-duty security guards, the report said.

A security guard outside the mall then stopped the officer outside of the food court and asked for photo identification. Though he was not in uniform, the officer, Jimmie L. Currie, handed the guard an Atlanta Police card with his name and ID number.

The officer was told by a mall security guard to stay away from the mall for a year.

The officer then left in the car with a woman, according to the report.