Nelson Fonseca Mississauga Toronto Ontario Canada

Nelson Fonseca has been cheating on his longterm girlfriend Joanne Marie Graves (7 years), for the past 4+ years. He has basically been cheating on Joanne for their whole relationship with another woman. He is a serial cheater that needs to be stopped and clearly does not have any regards for relationships and does not care for his girlfriend otherwise he would never have cheated on her for that long. Clearly he is too afraid to leave her and is definitely not happy in this relationship otherwise he would never cheat. Nelson is a serial cheater who only stops momentarily when he gets caught, then Joanne takes him back as usual. He then waits until they are both "okay" to then start cheating again and starts the whole cycle again. 


Clearly Joanne does not care enough that Nelson does this, hence takes him back always and blames the woman for allowing Nelson to pursue her. Nelson just does not care for any women and continues such behaviour. 

They both have no regard for people and their feelings. They enjoy this toxic cycle and do not care who gets caught in the middle