Maren Fisher

Maren Fisher who works at Utah Glass Association in Salt Lake City, daughter of Reed and Maryann Fisher, did dirty to multuple men and involved children. She cheated on her ex husband and left him for another man. A few months in this man was going to dump her and she became pregnant. Few years down the road when the kid starts looking like the ex!! It comes out it was her ex husbands!! She knew from the start. She did it intentionally to trap a man. So she abused a child and messed with these 2 mens lives. She drugged and had her daddy pay off the second chump to excuse herself and keep him raising the kid. But she couldn't care less about the destruction she's done. She attempted ii a second time too. Now she has a daughter, which she psycotically named after the guy she manipulates, who isn't the dad, again, and no one has a clue who it's dad is. More than likely her ex husbands is. The one sucker didn't learn the 1st time. They both didn't.