Marcus Deason- Loveland CO/Dallas TX

This 35 year old is nothing but a con artist, user and manipulates women. He is a pathological liar and if you call him out he will gaslight and try to turn it on you. He’s was living with a woman the last 2.5 years in Dallas and leading a double life in CO. He uses social media and other apps to target women and ensure they don’t see anything he’s doing because he’s manipulating their profiles on 2 Instagram accounts and they have no idea. He hides anyone he dates and ensures that they never get introduced to anyone that’s in the other state. When you try to break it off he’s so egotistical that he just talks over you and doesn’t let you say anything. It’s on purpose so he can blame you for everything. He’s forever cheating with multiple women and doesn’t think he’ll get caught. When he does it’s because you’re snooping or stalking him and he never addresses that he’s doing anything wrong and continues to do it. Classic deflection tactic. Doesn’t apologize or admit anything and if he’s not getting his way or sees a shinier object he will drop you in a heartbeat. He presents himself as someone he’s not on social media and in reality he’s miserable and codependent on others to survive. No impulse control, bad with money and no respect for anyone especially women. Beware of this wolf in sheep’s clothing and if you find yourself unable to resist his initial charms just walk away because unless you’re going to sit in silence he’s going to turn on you the second he knows you’re onto him. First he stops texting and calling. Then emotionally alienates you. Then he just ignores you in exchange for someone else on his phone that he’s probably slept with before and is trying to go back to. Please be aware of this man and just avoid him at all costs.