Lyntrel C Smith @righteoufit

Felon, fraud and a phony. A disgrace to the Alpha Phi Alpha organization. A disgrace to his family! A disgrace to all black men everywhere. This man is a domestic abuser, drug user, Fallon, and all-around common Criminal. He has now knocked up the cousin of #KlayThompson, even though he already has two bastard children that he's barely supporting. He lives with Kariel so that he can show the Chicago courts that he has a roof over his head so his other two illegitimate children Malcolm and Amir can come visit him when he's not in prison. Kariel pays the bills pays the rent and buys the coke. Meanwhile he uses his cash out to have sex with randoms. And has an ongoing affair with one of his white married clients.  He speaks ill of his own mother, his own father, and his convinced Kariel that her family is whitewashed so she hides things from them because if they knew how she was living they would intervene. Her father is Lakers commentator Mychal Thompson @champagnenuts; someone should let him know what's going on so he can rescue his brother's child. Next thing you know he'll have her hoeing on the streets . Oh! And he uploaded a home s******** of the two of them. Nasty motherf@cker.  She is on I'd upload the video or a photo of the video but it wouldn't post.