Lamar Reed (Goldie)

He will make you feel like you are the only one and that you are his world. He will fool you with his words of calling you beautiful, baby, boo, and any other names to make you think he is the perfect gentleman. He preys on women and goes from woman to woman and from house to house. The women he prey on have money or have a lot going for themselves. He’s only there to see what he can gain. The only thing he has is shit that he moves from state to state, from storage to storage, and from house to house. He has a pickup truck and a Harley that ain’t even in his name. They are both in a woman he dated name that he up and left before he was supposed to marry her. He’s hiding from her as we speak. He will call all of his exes crazy but it’s because they found out he was cheating and telling lies. He never had shit and will never have shit. His credit is shot to hell. He’s a homeless trucker that travels from state to state fooling and playing women. He is satan himself. If you are his next victim, you better run because you are not the only one he will be with. He will never be a one woman man but he will make you believe that he is. He’s a compulsive liar, manipulator, and a cheater and he will always be. Don’t fall for his looks because that’s what he uses to trap you. He will use you financially and run. He has done this all his life and he will never change. He will tell you he loves you from day one and want to rush to marry you too. He’s already married though. He will definitely swear that he is ready to settle down. Don’t fall for it. You will only be the next victim. He would only be with you because he needs a place to stay. That phone of his, you will never be able to touch. He won’t even leave it around. He has all the women from his past that he has used still calling trying to collect the money he took from them. He ignores their calls and texts. He is a cancer and a leech. He will always treat women bad because of his upbringing. He was last in GA staying with a woman and maybe even SC with a woman. He’s from St. Louis, Missouri.