Kenny is Single & Ready to Mingle

Kenny is a really nice guy with a few issues. You'll need a few tips to date him... You'll need a big purse (diaper bag) to hold diaper changes, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, and baby powder. You'll need a plastic bed wetter mattress cover incase he has a leaky diaper, he leaked on my bed several times. You'll need a Diaper Genie in your bedroom, especially for his poopy diapers. The Diaper Genie will help with all his stinky smells. He has a 1 inch micropenis. It is NOT possible to have sex with him, he CAN NOT penetrate a vagina. He is also a premature ejaculator which is kind of a good thing because you won't have to spend much time with his micropenis. Poopy and leaky diapers will happen in public out on dates. The smell and wet spots on his pants will be embarrassing for both you and him. Be prepared to comfort him if he has an accident and have diaper changes ready.