Kendra Divina Fry – Daytona Beach, Florida

Kendra Fry (goes by Kendra Divina on social media) notoriously fakes being lesbian for male attention, despite the fact that she openly lost her virginity for marijuana to a dude named Chris Mandolini back in high school. She's your classic "Tumblr SJW" type and has been for ages, she's a really unpleasant person to be around due to her social, sexual, and political views. She has been in an on and off "relationship" with a manchild; a pathetic anime nerd named Gaige Hanrahan, who she has cheated on multiple times after stealing him from another woman several years ago. 

She has claimed to be a lesbian even while with Hanrahan, despite the fact that she has only had sex with men, multiple older ones, and for money as well. She is diagnosed bipolar and has attacked Hanrahan multiple times to get him to stay with her. She is a MASSIVE slut under the guise of being a "sex-positive feminist" and has stolen several men from several women, including her own former friends. She is not trustworthy as a person, partner, or a friend. She is, however, on the Google Images page 1 result for "fake lesbian", since the Internet doesn't forget or forgive sluts.