Katherine Elizabeth Golden

This woman has a path of destruction behind her with every man she consumes.  She is an alcoholic and sociopath.  She is always in financial debt, has no money to her name, lives way beyond her means yet portrays herself as this woman with such class.  She was married once before and not only roofied her husband so she could sleep with another man involved his children in her attempted scam for money and screwed her married attorney all the way through the divorce just to pay her debt off.  She has done this to every man she gets in bed with and will tell you immediately that she loves you just to leverage herself.  She has filed sexual harassment against a co-worker as well for leverage on a financial payout.  There is NOTHING this woman will not do to extract money from a guy.  A man in CA PAID her $20k, bought all her furniture for her and paid for an apartment in AZ just to get out from under her.  She will blackmail anyone she can for money.  She will gaslight her men.  She will have men believing they are going crazy because her stories never make any sense.  If you deal with this woman hire a PI or throw a tracking device on her car and you will quickly realize WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH.