Isabella Leiss Carolin – Daytona Beach, Florida

Isabella 'Izza" Liess, married name Isabella ' Bella' Carolin, is a disgusting 260lb excuse for a human being, who constantly moves cities and states and changes her name to try to outrun her past. She is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and has had illicit affairs with many men, and aborted a child at 16. Trying to conceal her past with her own brand of "anti-slut-shaming" feminism, she has openly had sex with 60+ different men and managed to rope in a pathetic anime watching, video gaming nerd named Austin Carolin as her lucky #61. Considering that she's a fake goth who worships Courtney Love and considers her a "Borderline slut feminist idol", it was clearly not a good match between her and Austin. While he wasn't the edgy goth rocker man she actually wanted, or the ex that fathered her aborted child that she still loved half a decade later, she figured he was worth it for easy money and sex. Subsequently, she pressured Austin to go into the military after marriage so she could live out her life on welfare as a military dependapotamus (look up the term if you're unfamiliar) because she was too "punk" and "nonconformist" to hold an actual job. She has cheated on Austin several times, including at least once before she was even engaged to him. As of writing this, I'm unaware if Austin knows about it.