Ronald Takao Kadoguchi was an ex who subjected me to mental abuse, and racism. There was also some involvement with guns and punching or slamming things. Could be considered domestic violencs. I was called n-words, this was over not wrapping a gift box he used year after year right. The box was barely able to stand up. He called me a no good n-word because of this. I felt I had to walk on egg shells around him. I was called colored girl too. He would pull guns out for no reason and wave them around while we were riding in the car together. I was always put down and told I was either unattractive or ugly and just a regular black girl because I'm not mixed. I was told I was built like a white man. My hair was never good enough for him. Right before the break up he was accused by a 12 year old of sexual abuse and his parental rights were terminated. The reason I bring this up is because when he first told me he never really said he didn't do it. He wanted me to go to his cabin up north in st.helens, michigan and get the water shut off or some type of maintenance because he was really worried about going to jail. I declined going. He also showed me a text from a close relative where she said pretty much what he did to that minor and that that was on him, guess he needed her as a witness? He also went on to make fun of me getting molested as an infant into my teen years, that really broke me again and triggered me I literally had tears in my eyes but anger. I did recall him saying something that was kind of off like a week before the minor accused him. He told me he wondered if her friends would find him attractive. He did say how he sleeps better when one of his kids sleeps with him. He also abused drugs and alcohol and works in peoples homes as a licensed contractor. I also was pregnant but lost the baby after he ghosted me. All of this was very hard on my soul. I had already suffered from life long depression I wish I could erase him and the situation from my head but its really hard. I couldnt even get the things back I left at his house and one thing I left was about 700.00 and I need it to digest my food. Ladies beware he seeks out nurses and mostly professional black women. He will tell you he has crazy ex or bring up his "my mommy never liked me" story for empathy but will never show you empathy. I basically did my all to help him when his uncle Charlie died he was really down, I never used this man bought him a christmas gift got nothing from him because he was busy taking care of other women and I wasn't attractive enough or shapely enough.