Darren Ambler--Exposed--Pathological lying--Sex--Denial

I need to alert the "Female" population about Darren Ambler from Cherry-Hill New Jersey.  Darren is "King of the Domme's"!  He is severely demented, sex addicted, delusional, brain-damaged, pornography obsessed, has a sick fixation with bedposts, straps, and very dirty-graphic SEX.  He is ugly-disrespectful-vulgar and GROSS!

Darren Ambler is extremely DANGEROUS and TOXIC. He is a Pathological and Compulsive LIAR.  Darren has used Domme services for over five years.  He has spent excessive amounts of money feeding his Sex Addiction and Perverted Fetishes.  Darren Ambler lies repeatedly about everything.  He is an Evil and Emotionally unbalanced creature.  Darren Ambler enjoys gross-raunchy sex-a a real scum bag.  

Darren Ambler was careless and high most of the time and he exposed himself and his closeted lifestyle.  Darren Ambler initiated sexual relationships with several mistress --which is forbidden because then you VIOLATE SECTION 18- PROSTITUTION LAWS.  Which Darren Ambler did violate the LAW many times.  He had a public liaison in which he admitted with Megan Bentzley aka Watermute.  Then when it was exposed Darren bashed Meg publicly and called her filthy names. Darren Ambler can't understand that he exposed himself through naughty behavior and stupidity.  He can't comprehend the fact that it's his own fault.  He chose this lifestyle.

Because Darren Ambler was exposed he blames the consequences of his behavior on helpless ladies like Lauren, Megan, Bianca, Jennifer, and others.  This sick loser must grow up.  Also--Darren Ambler has engaged in many "ONE NIGHT STANDS" and Prostitution which he will deny.  Sex addicts lie compulsively.  Darren is not a nice guy and certainly does not deserve children.   Darren Ambler aside from being deranged and delusional from dope is immature and will never take accountability for his bad behavior.   Typical sociopath.

Darren's whole life is SEX-SEX-SEX-ORAL SEX--STRAPS--PORNO--VERBALLY ABUSING HELPLESS FEMALES AND LYING.  People do think Darren is "off his rocker"!  He will never get help because he is too far gone in the head and as crazy as he is--he thinks he is normal and sane.  It seems because of the careless and secret sex lifestyle he has lost jobs and damaged relationships.  Darren blames innocent women for his bad behaviors and immoral acts.

Employers have a reputation to uphold.  They want honest-sane employees with moral standards.  Darren Ambler has none of those things to offer.  Company's don't want him.  The jerk blames mistress and probably the hookers he screwed for job loss.  It's a joke!  If Darren Ambler wasn't a perverted sexual addict he would have never lost any jobs.  This is 150% his own fault.  But being a sociopath living in fantasy land-he can't understand why it's his own fault.

If he has strained relationships with family that is his fault too.  Most people disapprove of his lifestyle.  Yes--mistress will service these creeps but it doesn't mean that they don't think most clients are scum sex addicts with mental illness.  Some of the clients are gross from head to foot.  Darren Ambler was a number one client and receipts show he spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to have his sick vulgarities satisfied.

Darren is classified as a SUPER GROSS CLIENT.  HE IS A JOKE!  Totally oblivious about life.  Darren knows he violated domme rules and the Law when he forced these ladies into intense abusive SEX.  DARREN AMBLER KNOWS THE TRUTH BUT WILL NEVER ADMIT IT!  ESPECIALLY NOW THAT HE IS WELL AWARE HE IS IN VIOLATION OF SECTION 18--PA SEX TRAFFIK--PROSTITUTION CRIMINAL LAW.   Many domme services in PA--NJ--NY DE are being investigated.   Receipts for services rendered plus the affidavits of former mistress's--lovers can be enough to prove his guilt.  JAIL TIME FOR DARREN AMBLER IS LONG OVERDUE.

Sick and tired of Darren Ambler bashing his mistress's.  The ones he PAID AND PRESSURED INTO ILLEGAL SEX.  Darren thinks if a person has legal issues like Meg that makes him exempt from wrongdoing or the fact that he used these girls and committed a crime..  No no no--Darren is wrong--he will still have to answer for what the pervert did.   Darren Ambler is famous for bashing and verbally assaulting former lovers publicly.  Its obvious Darren uses this technique to get the focus off what he did and his part in the sex trade.  The psycho is also trying to gain sympathy from the public.  It won't work baby!

No matter what reputations these ladies may have,  Darren Ambler still screwed them and broke the LAW.  The legal system will see through his craziness and manipulating lies.

Darren exposed himself!  He seems not to care anymore that the world knows.  Darren Ambler has nothing else to do in his pathetic life but bash people and posts articles about Joey.  Darren also talks about how the poor baby was wronged!

AUTHOR: Darren - (United States)

SUBMITTED: Monday, July 12, 2021

Once again im stating that I do NOT know any person named bianca or megan.. Nor do I use drugs. Or see escorts. Lauren Giunta is the only Dominatrix I have ever seen and it was only TWICE. I was about to say ONCE AGAIN LAUREN GIVE IT UP.WITH YOUR BS. But now I'm kinda thinking this post might be from that crazy (((REDACTED))) loser i threw a pity bone to back in 2017.... Hmmmmmmm

(Lies lies lies)

Taken from dirty x.com  (how can Darren Ambler be Meg's bitter EX if Darren doesn't know her?)  Im afraid Darren backed himself into a corner with that lie).  Maybe he forgot?  ha ha!

Notice how every single cheater site has 1000 articles on a man named Darren Ambler and is always posted by the same crazy woman, usually pretending to be multiple people having a “meetup”? She’d almost be successful at that if all of her fake accounts didn’t have the exact same crazed typing style. She’s a bitter ex of Darren Ambler and seems to be in a state of psychosis or untreated schizophrenia. Lexx Envy/Megan Christine Benzley/Megan Wintermute is being sued for slander.