Darren Ambler/ BEWARE-Std's-Sex Feen/ Liar/ Drugs/Porno Addiction:

Must keep everyone informed and protected from Abuse, STD'S, Graphic Sex, Pornography, Vicious Lies and Filthy Immoral "PIGS' like Darren Ambler.  Predators addicted to Lies, Sex, Drugs, Porno and anything else immoral and slanderous never change. They only get worse-more evil, more predatory and DEMENTED.

The sociopath pathetic liar lives at 12 Westbury in Cherry Hill NJ.  The ugly geeks last job was at Continnum Rx.  Sure he was FIRED for his sexually explicit lifestyle.  He is so dumb and cant realize employers dont want scum liars on the payroll.

Darren Ambler will always be cause of concern.  He lives for sex, oral sex, bondage, threesomes, pornography and anything vulgar and filthy.  Darren is sick with brain damage from sex infection (not treated) and many illicit drugs and pills.  This menace is gross from head to foot.  He has seduced and violated numerous Mistress's, hookers and vulnerable/ desperate females.  Darren Ambler VIOLATED sex traffik laws and Prostitution laws numerous times.

Darren lives in a haze of drugs, lies, denial, ugliness and evil.  No reality in this sex feen's life.  He has publicly defamed Meggy, Bianca, Jennifer, Lauren and many others.   This 44 year old brain dead psycho denied screwing paid domme's because the GEEK knows its illegal.

Darren Ambler is gutter garbage and has violated mistress, street hookers, married women, single women etc-he has screwed them all. Not a moral bone in his gross 135 pound body.   Full of disease and perverted sexual thoughts.   The homely pig fathered illegitimate children with that quarter inch foreign object.  Gross baby!

Darren has raped many females also.  He has a gutter mouth, a ugly face and rotted evil mind and body.   Darren ambler is a prostitute with ZERO scruples and NO personality/ he is rotten like smelly decaying garbage.  He belongs in a mental ward followed by PRISON.

Ugly creep lost many jobs because of his gutter garbage lifestyle and drug use.  Any reputable company wouldn't employ Darren for very long.   This is Darren's own fault.  He must grow up and accept responsibility for the scum he really is.

Darren Ambler is a stalker and evil narcissist con man. He should lose custody of his kids for being a pig and liar.  Plus pay child support for the illegitimate kids he fathered.  No wonder his ex took off. who could stand a LOSER SEX FEEN LIKE DARREN AMBLER.   This evil degenerate belongs in HELL for his mistreatment of females and for his many Vial Sexual Sins of lust and forced rape.  THIS UGLY ROTTEN JERK WILL PAY FOR HIS ACTIONS ONE DAY VERY SOON!  Darren ruined his own life and reputation.