Christopher Paul Fletcher

Christopher "Chris" Fletcher is a English man living in Fargo,ND and may possibly be moving. He is the worst type of conman. He uses charm and his accent to find women and plays into their desires and dreams just so he can steal from them. He has done thus to at least 3 or 4 women. He gets cars cosigned for, steals information to take out loans in the women's names, has them pay for almost everything, and uses them for regular sex then dumps them taking anything that's not so big he can't move it including the light bulbs(yes seriously) once they catch on or are no longer useful to him at which point he moves on to the next victim which he already has hooked. 

He doesn't need the money either he works a lot!

He is the definition of a sociopath! 

He has no emotion or remorse for anything, he only cares about himself, his stuff(most of it ill-gotten).

He likes to drink A LOT! Some days he drinks until he shits himself. Because of his heart condition he can't get or at least maintain an erection. 

He gaslights, he can become emotionally abusive without the victim realizing it right away if ever. He won't let his "girlfriends" sleep in the bed if they're sick he kicks them out of the room or will "let" them sleep in the closet. He cheats like crazy. 


He's "Mr.DVD" because that's how he made his living in England bootlegging movies and he was even wanted there for it. 


He use to love Old Chicago until it closed now he prefers Boston Pizza. He works at National Grocers as a manager and possibly still at Scheels cleaning in the mornings.