Cheating with her Boss

One of the biggest fear of being in a committed relationship is discovering that their partner has been unfaithful.  

Today’s technology has created countless opportunities to cheat as well as being caught cheating. Here is my story:

I woke up around 7am with this feeling that  something was not right.  b**** and I  had a shared video ring account. b****  home had two cameras, one in front of the house facing the driveway and the other located right next to  the front door.  b****  purposely unplugged the cameras to hide evidence of her lover going into her house at 4am in the morning which triggered a notification for me to check the cameras. Upon viewing the video footage, I discovered that b**** was having sex with her boss. The video showed her boss arriving at her house at 4am, then leaving at 6am.  I  After watching the video, I restored her phone and discovered through many text messages that during a period of one year, b**** had been cheating on me with so MANY men, which the majority were coworkers.  I am just thankful that she didn’t give me a sexually transmitted infection. 

b**** is definitely a hard worker.  She most likely got her promotion in exchange for giving sexual favors under the desk at work.