The ex-wife wife stealer

“Not my story, but one of the managers where I worked in college was seriously the nicest guy I've ever met… he would give you the shirt off his back. He had been married before and they divorced amicably and had just recently remarried. Apparently the new wife got along fairly well with the old wife (they all went to the same church) and they began spending time together. He thought it was great because there were kids involved and this made things substantially easier that they weren't fighting and could coparent easily. One day he was a no-call no-show to work. We were all really worried because that was so not like him. It turns out he left the house, went to the gym, was on his way into work when he realized he forgot something so he swung back by the house to pick it up. He found his ex-wife and new wife getting it on in the bedroom.”

Wow, we would have never seen that one coming. How insane! Who would have suspected this? You are lucky for your ex to get along with your current spouse, but they may have just taken the peace way too far.